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Snizzly Snouts

U kan de foto vergroten via een muisklik of via de entertoets.

General information

RARE SNUITERS is an award winning 'inclusive' children’s book (with audio CD) by JAN DEWITTE and FREYA VLERICK. The English version SNIZZLY SNOUTS, translated by MARCUS CUMBERLEGE and MARTIN BURKE, is published by Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde in cooperation with NCBI (Ireland). It was officially launched in Dublin (7th of February 2014 at the Chester Beatty Library).

This is a picture and poetry book to read with your ears, see with your fingers and feel with your eyes!

Our book received a ‘White Raven Special Mention 2012’ by the International Youth Library. It was also selected by IBBY for the travelling exhibition 'Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities 2013'.

"This work of art is unique. It has a great value for all students. Truly an inclusive work!"
(Jeffrey Brewster, Librarian, International School of Brussels)

Read some of the poems (translated by Marcus Cumberlege)

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Inclusive design

SNIZZLY SNOUTS is an inclusive book: everybody can fully enjoy it – no matter if the reader is blind, partially sighted or dyslexic. Children with and without visual impairment can share their experiences and discover each other’s way of 'seeing'. Children with autism spectrum disorder love this book as well.

The inclusiveness is realized by a well considered combination of:

  • large pictures, good contrasts and an easy font (medium sized print);
  • subtle but effective transparant relief on the pictures;
  • Braille and audio.

The CD (DAISY/MP3 or standard audio) contains the poems and a full audio description of the book, with lots of extra information and attractive animal sounds made by an imitator. And what’s more: the CD works as a true 'GPS' guide for the feeling fingers!

Children without visual impairment love trying to 'see' this book with their ears and fingers.

By learning the Braille alphabet (included in the book), which is not difficult if they can use their eyes, they are able to decode many hidden messages on the pages.

The great surplus value of this book

An inclusive picture book with full verbal description, including a ‘GPS for the fingers’: this is really something new! Thanks to the innovating approach, any child with a reading impairment is able to experience SNIZZLY SNOUTS in full - alone or together with children without these impairments.

This book is equally fascinating and enjoyable to children with and without reading impairments. All of them get a multi-sensorial training, broadening their artistic experience and playfully introducing them to various worlds of experience. Three senses get equal attention: seeing, hearing and feeling.

Educational value

SNIZZLY SNOUTS highly contributes to the general development of children.

Young children learn in an active and cooperative way. In a playful manner they practise specific motoric, cognitive and social abilities.

This exceptional book makes children aware of the diversity in our society. It also offers many linguistic and musical impulses.

The Snizzly Snouts are a 'must have' for every school library!

Getting started

Schools and teachers can approach SNIZZLY SNOUTS in different ways.

We suggest that your school team first answers a few questions. Afterwards you can get to work in an appropriate and well-considered manner.

Specific properties of book and CD

Let’s have a look at the specificity of SNIZZLY SNOUTS as an innovative teaching tool, by clarifying some features of book and CD.

It is important to realize why the book is the way it is. This will definitely help you to streamline your ideas and determine your method.


Order online: go to the NCBI webshop. NCBI is our project partner.

Or you can order from us by transfering € 29,95 per copy (DAISY/MP3-CD included) to the Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde IBAN-account BE03 4747 0637 8184 (BIC KREDBEBB). Communication: 'Order Snizzly Snouts'.

The book will be sent to you. There is no shipping charge. Any bank charges have to be paid by the customer.

A great English bookshop for children in the Brussels area is selling Snizzly Snouts: Treasure Trove Children's Books, Brusselsesteenweg 7, B-3080 Tervuren,, +3227 67 74 76 (open Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 18h, Sundays from 11h to 17h). You could have a look there!


About 'Licht en Liefde - Solidarity in Sight'

‘SOLIDARITY IN SIGHT’ has been the objective of 'Licht en Liefde' since 1923. Every person has a right to an inclusive life. We are a national organization for blind and partially sighted people in Belgium (especially Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of the country). We provide respectful support and take action to enable people to fully participate in an inclusive society.

Licht en Liefde is a network of visually impaired people, professionals and many volunteers, who collaborate to build expertise. Blind and partially sighted field experts play a central part. Cooperation with related organizations, within and beyond the regional boundaries, is essential to our strategy.