Solidariteitsprojecten van, voor en met blinde en slechtziende mensen.

About 'Licht en Liefde - Solidarity in Sight'

U kan de foto vergroten via een muisklik of via de entertoets.

How can I...

  • see better?
  • stay active?
  • keep and renew my social network?
  • find out which compensation I can receive?
  • get access to expertise?

Solidarity in sight

‘Solidarity in sight’ has been the objective of Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde since 1923. Every person has a right to an inclusive life. We are a national organization people with sight loss in Belgium (especially Flanders and Brussels). We offer respectful support and take action to enable people to fully participate in an inclusive society.

Licht en Liefde is a network of visually impaired people, professionals and many volunteers, who collaborate to build expertise.

Blind and partially sighted field experts play a central part. Cooperation with related organizations, within and beyond the regional boundaries, is essential to our strategy.

All yours!

Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in a wide range of fields:

  • social and psychological support
  • rehabilitation
  • low vision and light advice (at a low vision centre or at home)
  • independent living training
  • technical aids for daily life
  • technological advice
  • production of accessible reading materials
  • information and documentation
  • website screening and advice (accessibility for all)
  • accessibility advice for the public domain
  • educational activities
  • visual impairment familiarization projects

We have regional centres (‘vlaamsoogpunt’) in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Louvain and Overpelt.

VeBeS is our national federation of people with sight loss, which offers activities, contact opportunities and group advocacy.

At our training centre Sint-Rafaël in Ghent adults learn new skills, especially proficiency with computers.

Licht en Liefde Heem in Varsenare offers blind and partially sighted people temporary or permanent accommodation and adapted activities.

Contact us

Licht en Liefde - Solidarity in Sight
Oudenburgweg 40
8490 Varsenare, Belgium
Telephone: +3250 40 60 50